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It is the mission of Bethlehem Township to promote community vitality, quality of life, and economic prosperity. Bethlehem Township will provide services which are responsive to the health, safety and general welfare needs of the community. The township government is dedicated to providing these services through the efficient and effective use of the community’s available resources in an honest, open and caring manner.

It is the vision of Bethlehem Township to foster a community that residents and businesses are proud to call "home."

Bethlehem Township continually strives to create an open and transparent government that is accessible and accountable to our residents and business owners. With that goal in mind we have created this Dashboard designed to provide full access to information about Township finances and organizational performance. You can access the Dashboard HERE.

If you have any questions or comments about the Dashboard, please email Assistant Manager Doug Bruce at

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Bethlehem Township News
Please come out and meet the commissioners on Sunday, March 26th from 12 pm – 2pm at the Community Center.

The Traditions of America Green Pond Tentative Plan Hearing will be held tonight, March 21, 2017, from 7 - 11 pm at the Bethlehem Township Municipal Building.

To All, The beam placement over SR 33 for the bridge widening on Freemansburg Ave. for the week of March 20th, 2017 through March 24th, 2017 has been cancelled.

The setting of the steel beams over SR 33 will now take place the week 0f March 27th, 2017 through March 31st, 2017. The work will proceed as described below. Once again, the placement of the beams and lane restrictions are weather dependent.

The next Tentative Plan Public Hearing on the proposed Traditions of America at Green Pond Planned Residential Golf Course Community is Wednesday, March 15, 2017 from 7:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. at the Bethlehem Township Municipal Building, 4225 Easton Avenue Bethlehem, PA 18020.

There will be a Tentative Plan Public Hearing on the proposed Traditions of America at Green Pond Planned Residential Golf Course Community Wednesday, February 22nd from 6PM until 9PM at the Bethlehem Township Municipal Building, 4225 Easton Avenue Bethlehem, PA 18020.

All members of the public are invited to attend. Click HERE for the agenda.

Changes in the population of the Township have required a redistricting of Bethlehem Township’s four wards. State law requires no more than a 10% deviation in population among voting districts and the Township had a deviation of 25%. This redistricting was approved by Ordinance of the Township Commissioners and then by the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas in December of 2016.

The Northampton County Board of Elections is currently processing the ward changes and sending notifications out to Township residents. If you are a registered voter* and your ward has changed, you will get a new voter ID Card. In the event that your polling place location changes, you will be sent a letter. At this time, the County is still entering all the information into the state system and looking into additional polling places within the newly created districts, but all notifications will be sent out prior to the spring primary election.

Please call the Northampton County Board of Elections with any questions at 610-559-3055.

Click HERE for Proposed Election Districts Nap.

Click HERE for ordinance.

The Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee will convene on Monday January 30th at 6:30PM at the Bethlehem Township Municipal Building to discuss the review letter comments of the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC) and consider possible Draft Plan modifications addressing the review letter. The group will also discuss next steps for Plan adoption. All members of the public are invited to attend.

Click here for the agenda


Nominations for the Northampton County Outstanding Senior Awards On Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Northampton County Area Agency on Aging is looking for Northampton County residents (age 60 or over) who volunteer their time and talent for the benefit of others in our community.

Deadline for submission: March 24, 2017
For more information call Kim Nichol at 610-829-4519 or

For more information and nomination form click HERE

For more information click HERE

2017 Pavilion rental applications will be available starting Monday, January 16, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. via phone call. If you are interested, please call 610-814-6442

A new year means a new start.

Do you want to lose 15 pounds in 2017? Read 25 books? Clean your basement and keep it clean? Anything is possible if you stick to it, take it one step at a time and keep your eyes on the goal.

Saving energy and money is something worth adding to your 2017 to-do list. It doesn’t take a major investment or a big life change to make improvements in this area.

Here are a few tips that can help you reach your energy- and money-saving goals in the new year:
- Switch to LED bulbs around the house. They use much less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs, and also last longer.
- Seal leaks around doors and windows. Those are common places for warm air to escape, and generally easy to fix.
- Unplug chargers when not in use. They continue to use energy even when they’re not plugged into a device.
- Wash laundry in cold water and full loads, and clean your dryer’s lint filter whenever you use it.
- Install low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators.
- Take a look at the programs, rebates and tips available at

If you own or manage a business, you can save energy and money there too. Here are a few quick tips for businesses to save:

- Enlist all employees to help. Make sure everyone’s on board with turning off unnecessary lights or machines, and that everyone who uses a computer has it set to an energy-saving sleep setting.
- Make sure HVAC equipment is inspected on a regular schedule, so it runs as efficiently as possible. The same thing goes for refrigeration equipment in restaurants.
- Check out to find out about energy-saving options, ranging from informational Webinars to rebates on energy-efficient equipment.

Another smart step if you’re looking to cut electricity costs is to check the offers of competitive energy suppliers. Other suppliers may offer better prices and terms than PPL Electric Utilities’ “price to compare” – the price you’ll pay if you don’t shop.

If you switched to a competitive supplier a few years ago and haven’t given it much thought since, 2017 is definitely a year to put shopping on your to-do list. You may be able to get a better price in today’s market.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s website is the place to go for all the shopping info you need. You can check PPL’s current price to compare, see what other suppliers are offering, and even start the switching process if you choose.

Just make sure you understand all the terms of any contract before you switch. How long does the contract last? Is there a fee for early cancellation? And is the rate fixed or variable? (Fixed rates don’t change. Variable rates go up and down based on market prices for electricity, and you may end up paying more than you expected if the rate goes up.)

Those are just a few tips to get you started on a successful – and energy-efficient – 2017. Whatever your personal goals and dreams are for 2017, I hope it’s a good one!

For more information click HERE

By Resolution of the Bethlehem Township Board of Commissioners, all fees for Zoning Administration and the Zoning Hearing Board, Subdivision and Land Development, Permits Fees and Inspections and all other Departmental fees are hereby increased by a rate of twenty percent (20%), effective January 1st, 2017

Public Meeting will be Tuesday, December 6 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm

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Notice of Environmental Review of the Penneast Pipeline Project. For more info please click here

January 2015 Current Preferred Alternative Route (most recent detailed map)

More hearings are scheduled and residents are encouraged to attend. For the full listing please click HERE

Scheduled Meeting is for February 10, 2015 @ 6:00pm at Northampton Community College on 3835 Green Pond Rd in Bethlehem, Pa 18020.

PennEast Pipeline Project, please call our toll-free line at (844) 347-7119 or visit the project web site at

To view the Hopewell Township Questions click here

Proposed Pipeline Route click here

Interactive Pipeline Map click here

Wilkes-Barre, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has detected a new record-high level of radon and is once again encouraging state residents to test their homes for this radioactive gas, a leading cause of lung cancer.

In October, a home in southern Lehigh County showed a radon level of 6,176 picocuries per liter (pCi/L), the highest recorded in the state. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set an action level for radon concentration in homes at 4 pCi/L. Homes testing above this level should have a radon reduction system installed.

"We encourage people to buy a radon home test kit and take the steps necessary to protect themselves and their families," said DEP Acting Secretary Patrick McDonnell. "Fall and winter are an ideal time to test, because the gas becomes trapped inside when doors and windows are closed."

Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that occurs naturally through the breakdown of uranium in soil and rocks. It can enter a home through cracks in the foundation or other openings.

The National Toxicology Program, comprising the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Food and Drug Administration, classifies radon as a known human carcinogen. Scientists estimate that about 20,000 lung cancer deaths yearly are related to radon. It’s the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and second leading cause in smokers.

Because of its geology, Pennsylvania is prone to high radon levels. Radon has been detected in all 67 counties, and about 40 percent of homes in the state have levels above EPA's action level. In 2014, a number of homes in the southern Lehigh County area were found to have radon levels over 1,000 pCi/L. That area is near the Reading Prong, a geological section of granite rock that historically has generated high levels of radon.

Testing is the only way to know if a home, school, workplace or other structure has elevated levels of radon. An easy home test kit can be purchased at hardware or home improvement stores for about $20 to $30. People may also hire a state-certified testing company.

If a level above 4 pCi/L is found, a radon mitigation, or reduction, system should be installed. This is essentially a pipe with a fan to suction the gas from the ground and discharge it above the roofline, where the radon is dispersed. DEP recommends that home builders install radon reduction systems during construction.

DEP certifies all radon testers, mitigators and laboratories doing business in the state, to ensure reliable results.

For more information, including information on interpreting radon test results and finding a Pennsylvania-certified radon contractor, visit the DEP Radon Division web site or call 800-23-RADON (800-237-2366)
The Bethlehem Township Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee invites the public to come and join them for an Open House Session on October 19th at 6:30 PM in the Main Meeting Room of the Bethlehem Township Municipal Building to view a Draft of the 2017 Comprehensive Plan and meet with staff and committee members to discuss the future of Bethlehem Township.

The Committee has been hard at work for over 14 months reviewing and refining local and regional data as well as exploring other Township needs in order to write a document that will carry the community until the year 2027.

The major goals of the 2017 Plan are:

- Township-wide stormwater planning and management

- Township-wide traffic mitigation and improvements

- Continued implementation and enhancement of the Township’s Smart Growth Zoning Overlay Districts on major corridors

- Emphasis on cluster development and redevelopment of existing sites

- Expanding the community’s open space, greenways and trail network

- Township branding, way-finding signage and gateways

Please join us to share you feedback on this vital community document! Your input can help decide how Bethlehem Township grows for years to come. Light seasonal refreshments will be served at this event.

For questions, please call Township Planning and Economic Development Director Nathan Jones at 610-814-6441 or email at

Click here for more information (very large file)

Wilkes-Barre, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has released results of surveillance for Aedes mosquitoes, which have been found to be vectors of the Zika virus. At this time, there have not been any cases of Zika transmitted locally in Pennsylvania, nor have mosquitoes tested positive for the virus.

Twenty-six counties in Pennsylvania have active surveillance sites for albopictus mosquitoes, commonly known as Asian Tiger mosquitoes. The mosquitoes are predominantly found in southern and eastern counties. There have not been any specimens of Aedes aegypti collected, which are the primary carrier of Zika in South America. Aedes aegypti have not been found in Pennsylvania since 2002.

Counties conducting surveillance and approximate locations can be found beginning on page 15 of the DEP/PA Department of Health Zika Response Plan. Surveillance statistics for the week ending July 30, 2016 are below.

In addition, in early August, DEP and the Philadelphia Health Department and the Chester County Health Department responded to two imported clusters of travel associated Zika virus cases per the protocols outlined in the Zika Response Plan. Mosquitoes collected in the Philadelphia cluster response activities were tested for Zika and all samples came back negative. Mosquito trapping in Chester County did not find significant populations of the Asian tiger mosquito and samples were not tested.

“The surveillance and cluster response by DEP and county governments has gone exactly to the Zika response plan, and I am pleased to note that there is no evidence of the Zika virus being carried by mosquitoes in Pennsylvania,” said acting DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “I want to continue to encourage residents to take common-sense actions like wearing insect repellant and eliminating standing water to cut down on mosquito activity.”

In northeast PA, surveillance in Lehigh County has found pest levels of Aedes albopictus during the last week of July (Pest levels are defined as greater than 24 female Aedes albopictus per trapping event). Aedes albopictus has been found in Northampton County, but the pest levels haven’t been observed. Surveillance in Lackawanna, Luzerne, and Monroe counties began on August 8, 2016.

DEP recommends that residents do simple activities to reduce mosquito activity in their areas:

• Dispose of cans, buckets, plastic containers, ceramic pots, or similar containers that hold water.
• Properly dispose of discarded tires that can collect water. Stagnant water is where most mosquitoes breed.
• Drill holes in the bottom of outdoor recycling containers.
• Have clogged roof gutters cleaned every year as the leaves from surrounding trees have a tendency to plug drains.
• Turn over wheelbarrows and plastic wading pools when not in use and don't let water stagnate in birdbaths.
• Aerate ornamental pools or stock them with fish.
• Clean and chlorinate swimming pools not in use and remove any water that may collect on pool covers.
• Wear insect repellant during times of mosquito activity. Aedes mosquitoes are active during daylight hours
• Keep doors and windows tightly closed, or ensure that screens do not have holes or tears that can allow mosquitoes to get inside the house
“These mosquitoes are weak fliers, so if you see them, they are likely breeding nearby,” said Matt Helwig, program specialist in DEP’s Vector Management program. “Simple precautions to eliminate potential habitat and avoid contact can lead to a safe and itch-free summer.”

Reporting a power outage is just a click away! Click HERE to report power outages or to check on the status of an outage.
At the August 1, 2016 Board of Commissioners Meeting, Spillman Farmer will be presenting the Archibald Johnston Mansion Stabilization Study. The draft report and summary document can be found HERE

Bethlehem Township has engaged in a contract with Entech Engineering for the purpose of renovating certain areas of the Bethlehem Township Community Center. At the July 18, 2016 Board of Commissioners Meeting, Entech will be presenting their recommendations to the Township and the Commissioners will be considering how to best move forward with these renovations. Their report can be viewed HERE. Any questions, please contact Melissa Shafer, Township Manager, at or 610-804-6402.

Due to population changes in the 2010 Census, Bethlehem Township is proposing a redistricting of the four wards. According to the Northampton County Board of Elections, this ward redistricting will go into effect AFTER the November 2015 election.

As you can see from the maps, the 2003 Map shows the population variance of the wards from 5,135 people in Ward 2 to 6,816 people in Ward 4. This is a 30% population variance. In December of 2014, a meeting was held with the Township Solicitor, Township Manager, Township Physical Plant and Information Systems Director, and Township GIS Consultant. The purpose of this meeting was to more evenly distribute the population among the four wards, making as few changes as possible. The data points that we had available were the population counts per census block and the homes of the current Commissioners, as we did not want to move a sitting Commissioner out of his ward.

The Proposed Map that the staff presented to the Commissioners in January 2015 has a new population variance in the wards ranging now from 5,891 in Ward 4 to 5,961 in Ward 3. This is a 1% population variance. An Ordinance adopting the new ward map is being prepared by the solicitor's office and will be presented for the Board's review and advertisement at an upcoming Board meeting. Check the Board of Commissioners Meeting Agenda for the exact date.

Please note that there will be no changes to the ward map for any of the 2015 elections.

If you have any comments or questions about the ward map, please email Melissa Shafer, Township Manager, or call 610-814-6400.
The 2016 General Fund Budget with 2015 and September 2015 YTD Actual reports are now available HERE.
Residents of Bethlehem Township will be able to view the type of offense, date, time, and location (to a 100 block). It will be access to real-time crime data for where you live or work in the Township. You can even subscribe to alerts based upon a circumference around an important place (ie-home, child’s school, work place), to be notified of the crime.

Navigate to: for more info
Northampton County is cooperating with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Bureau of Forestry and the USDA Forest Service in a joint effort to control gypsy moth caterpillars in Spring 2016 in certain residential and public high use areas within the county.

A public meeting concerning GYPSY MOTH CONTROL
will be held at
The Bushkill Fire Company
155 Firehouse Dr, Nazareth PA
August 4th from 7:00-9:00 PM.

All interested property owners are encouraged to attend this meeting.
Applications will be available and eligibility requirements discussed.

DCNR Staff will be present to explain the program and address any questions.

There have been recent complaints and possible sightings of coyotes in Bethlehem Township. Coyotes are becoming increasingly common in urban and suburban areas due to easy access and proximity to food sources.

Coyotes are rarely dangerous and prefer to avoid contact with people, however there are several actions you can take to help decrease their presence in the Township:

-Firmly secure your garbage so that a coyote would not be able to gain access and eat from garbage bins.
-Only feed your pets inside and never leave or store pet food outdoors.
-If you know of any rodent problem on your property, have the issue managed quickly, as rodents are a prime food source for coyotes.
-Do not leave any smaller dogs, cats or other pets outside unsupervised, especially between dusk and dawn.
-If you have a fence or gate to your back yard, make sure it is secured.
-Keep your grass well maintained and all shrubs, trees and bushes trimmed, doing so will remove shelter for coyotes.
-Remove any structures, equipment, piles, etc. that could provide shelter to coyotes.

If you see a coyote on your property, do not be alarmed, simply call the Bethlehem Township Police Department to report the sighting.
January 2015 Current Preferred Alternative Route (most recent detailed map)

More hearings are scheduled and residents are encouraged to attend. For the full listing please click HERE

Scheduled Meeting is for February 10, 2015 @ 6:00pm at Northampton Community College on 3835 Green Pond Rd in Bethlehem, Pa 18020.

PennEast Pipeline Project, please call our toll-free line at (844) 347-7119 or visit the project web site at

To view the Hopewell Township Questions click here

Proposed Pipeline Route click here

Interactive Pipeline Map click here

Harrisburg – The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is urging residents in the Center Valley area of Lehigh County to have their homes tested for radon. This comes after recent tests by the department and a DEP-certified laboratory revealed that several homes in that area have record high levels.

Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that occurs naturally through the breakdown of uranium in soil and rocks. It can enter a home through cracks in the foundation or other openings. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Pennsylvania and causes about 20,000 lung-cancer deaths in the U.S. every year.

Several homes in the Center Valley area were found to have radon levels of over 1,000 picocuries per liter (pCi/L). One specific home tested at 2,750 pCi/L and is one of the highest radon values ever recorded in the state. These levels are hundreds of times more than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) action level of 4 pCi/L; a level where a home should be remediated to lower the radon concentration.

"This community serves as an important reminder to all Pennsylvania residents to test their homes for radon," Acting DEP Secretary Dana Aunkst said. "Protect yourself and your family from this invisible, cancer-causing, radioactive gas."

Area residents are invited to an open house with DEP's radon professionals to learn more about this threat and how to mitigate it. The open house will be held from 4 to 8 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 4 at the Upper Saucon Township Municipal Building, 5500 Camp Meeting Rd., Center Valley. Residents will receive lists of area companies certified by DEP to perform radon testing, mitigation and laboratory analysis.

DEP has sent letters to more than 500 Center Valley area residents in the local area with very high radon levels urging them to test their homes. Pennsylvania law prohibits DEP from publicly identifying any private residences radon testing results. The department has, however reached out to the local school district to ensure that radon testing has occurred in the schools.

Testing for radon is the only way to know if a home, school, workplace or other structure has elevated levels of radon. The best time to test is during the cold-weather months when windows and doors are closed and the radon levels are often at their peak. Most test kits can be purchased at hardware or home improvement stores at an average cost of $15 to $25 per test.

While radon problems may be more common in certain regions of the state, the potential exists for any home in Pennsylvania to have high radon levels. Radon has been detected in all 67 counties, making Pennsylvania particularly prone to elevated radon levels. About 40 percent of homes in the state having radon levels above EPA's action level.

For this reason DEP certifies all radon testers, mitigators and laboratories doing business in the state. This ensures all radon tests performed provide quality results, and those who remediate radon problems do quality work.

For more information about radon, including information on interpreting test results and finding a Pennsylvania-certified radon contractor, visit, keyword: Radon, or call 800-23-RADON.

Bethlehem Township Police Department announced that it has been awarded a grant from CVS/pharmacy to install a Drug Collection Unit at the township municipal building. The new Unit will be located at in the main lobby of the municipal building and will provide residents with a safe and environmentally responsible way to dispose of unwanted, unused or expired medication, including controlled substances.

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