Zoning/Permits/Construction Officials

Bethlehem Township Planning Director: (Nathan Jones) oversees operations of the Planning, Zoning and Construction Department and assists the Township craft and administer land use and zoning plans/documents.

Planning Administrator: (Mike Topping), assists with administration of current and long-range planning efforts in the Township.

Commercial Construction Official
Frank Krempasky, the Commercial Construction Official, provides commercial/industrial plan review and inspections. He is also the Township's Certified Building Official.

Fire Code Inspector
Angela Kelly administers the Township's Property Resale program and enforces the Township Fire Prevention Code which requires the periodic inspection of all commercial and industrial uses in the Township and assists the building officials and inspector in fire code related matters.

Residential Construction Official
Dennis Smith, The residential construction official provides residential plan review; new homes, and home improvements.

Zoning Officer
Matthew Lubitz, administers the zoning ordinance and serves as the Township's building code official (BCO).

Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector
Abe Hoffner, enforces the International Property Maintenance Code for property maintenance violations and Bethlehem Township resale requirements.

Construction Clerks (Nancy Keim and Mary Ann Topolvetz)
Is in charge of all paper work and scheduling for the Department and is usually the contact person for any person dealing with the Department.

Bethlehem Township
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Bethlehem, Pa. 18020
Phone: 610-814-6400
Fax: 610-814-6408
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