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BTMA Board

Wastewater BTMA Meeting Dates:
Second Wednesday of each month 6:30pm, Austin Wismer Room, 3535 Orth Street, Bethlehem PA 18020

Five year term expiring at noon on the day of reorganizational meeting

Board Members:
David Thomsen (Chairman) - 1/4/27
Ronald Gori (Vice Chairman) - 1/8/25
Paul Hosking (Secretary/Treasurer) - 1/4/27
Robert Szakos (Assistant Treasurer) - 1/7/24
Allen Billiard III (Member) - 1/4/27

Appointed Agents and Consultants:
Steve Hunsberger (Managing Agent)
Arro Consulting Engineers (Public Sanitary Sewer)
Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. (Stormwater Engineer)
Mike Deschler (Legal Counsel)

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