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Planning - FAQ's

Whom do I contact to discuss whether my project requires a subdivision or land development application to be submitted to the Township?
You should contact the Township Planning Department to arrange a consultation meeting with the Planning Director. The Planning Department may be reached at 610-814-6440.

How long will it take from the time I submit a subdivision or land development application to the time it is approved?
This is an extremely difficult question to answer. The best answer is that your project will be reviewed and acted upon within the statutory requirements of the Bethlehem Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance and the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.

What planning projects are the Township Planning Department currently working on?
Anyone interested in projects and plans before the Township should attend the regular Planning Commission meetings. The meetings are always held the 4th Monday on the month at 7 PM, with the only exceptions being around Thanksgiving and Christmas. The entire 12-month meeting schedule is posted on the website at the beginning of the year. Draft agendas for meetings can be found under the "agenda" section of the website, or by calling 610-814-6440.

If I have questions or comments about development activities and procedures in the Township, who should I contact?
You should contact the Bethlehem Township Planning Department at 614-814-6440. The Department will assist you with finding the answers to your questions.

Some examples are listed below.

What is a subdivision of land?
What is a land development?
What is the process for submitting a subdivision or land development plan?
What is a complete plan submission?
How do I secure a copy of the Township’s land use planning documents and ordinances?
How does the Township ensure that the improvements shown on an approved subdivision or land development plan are built?
Can the Township simply disapprove a subdivision or land development plan because it dislikes the proposal?
How does the Township decide what type of action should be taken on a subdivision or land development plan?

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