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Police - Project Lifesaver International
"bringing loved ones home"

Project Lifesaver International The Bethlehem Township Police Department has joined with law enforcement agencies across the country in support of the Project Lifesaver program. Project Lifesaver enables the Bethlehem Township Police to provide enhanced support and assistance to Bethlehem Township residents who are primary caregivers for an individual suffering from Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia disorder as well as families of children afflicted with an intellectual disability, autism, traumatic brain injury, or other cognitive impairments.

Currently, in the event that an individual wanders away from home and becomes confused or lost, the police department and other first responders initiate a search, step by step, house by house, block by block. Project Lifesaver allows for a proactive response by law enforcement in these cases, sending resources immediately to the area of the wandering person. This not only saves time and manpower but also gives caregivers and families peace of mind and reassurance that all possible resources will be utilized in the effort to locate and return their loved one home safely.

Participants in the Project Lifesaver program wear a special wrist or ankle bracelet equipped with a small transmitter which emits a radio signal that law enforcement can track when someone goes missing. Using specialized receiving equipment, law enforcement search times have been reduced from days and hours, to minutes. National average rescue times are well under thirty minutes.

Participation Criteria- -A Project Lifesaver application must be completed and submitted by the legal primary family member/caregiver (authorized representative) for a relative with a physician-confirmed diagnosis.

-The individual must reside in Bethlehem Township with the primary caregiver.

To Enroll your loved one- download and complete this PACKET.

Questions? Contact Sgt. Shaun Powell at 610-814-6409

**Wristband equipment must be purchased to participate. Limited grant opportunities are occasionally available. Contact Sgt. Powell to be on a wait list for grants**

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