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Physical Plant – Public Sanitary Sewer

Sanitary Sewer System Owner: Bethlehem Township Municipal Authority (BTMA)
Operated and maintained by:
Bethlehem Township Physical Plant Division (PPIS)

BTMA/PPIS Director: Steven J Hunsberger

Bethlehem Township's sanitary sewer system consists of over 120 miles of pipeline varying in size from 6" to 24" diameter, ten (10) wastewater pumping facilities and currently serves approximately 9,000 residential (20,000 people), commercial, and institutional customers. The Township’s system serves Bethlehem Township, as well as parts of Hanover Township, Northampton County, Lower Nazareth Township and Palmer Township. The system's is composed of predominantly PVC and ACP (Asbestos Cement Pipe) pipe material.

Daily inspection of the pump stations are performed by highly qualified licensed operators, as well as daily CCTV inspection and high pressure cleaning of the collection system.

Self Reporting Wastewater Devise Management
Please click HERE to register and report inspection results related to any on-Lot wastewater disposal system, or public sewer system devise requiring management (grease traps, oil separators, pre-treatment facilities).

Long Term Project:
The Bethlehem Township Municipal Authority (financing entity) and Township (Physical Plant Division) working together began a major pipe rehabilitation project in 2013 of relining all ACP and clay pipe. ACP a material known to deteriorate due to high H2s gas exposure, and both materials subject to heavy root invasion are repaired by an inversion lining process which creates a joint-free manhole to manhole pipeline with the structural stability meeting or exceeding the original pipe. This project financed through the BTMA (materials and equipment) with labor provided by the Bethlehem Township PPIS Division is expected to save Bethlehem Township customers millions over the next 10 years with in-house lining cost reduction, elimination of infiltration and the reduction of potential pipe failure. As of year end 2014, the Township has relined 6,000' of 8", 1,800' of 24" and over 1,000' of 6" service. Along with this process, house connections are reestablished (in PVC) using a water tight connection, and the installation of a new 6” monitoring curb clean-out. Manholes are relined with an epoxy coating process to reduce concrete deterioration and reduce infiltration.

Pipe Lining Process: Watch Video

The Bethlehem Township Physical Plant Division operates and maintains the system under strict guidelines set by the EPA, PADEP and the BTMA.

Important Contact Information:
When calling for a public sewer (wastewater) back-up in the street or home, call 610-814-6476 for 24/7/365 service. In the event an automated attendant answers, please leave a message and your message will be immediately delivered to a Physical Plant Technician. This system can be used for both non-emergency and emergency conditions. Be sure to provide your full name, address location, and a return number for prompt service.

If you are calling about a sewer billing issue, change of name, or final billing during normal business hours contact the Finance Division at 610-814-6460 (8:00AM to 4:30PM M-F). After hours select the automated attendant item to leave a message. For Building Sewer inspections (house to curb) contact the office of the residential construction official at 610-814-6430 to set an appointment.

Did you know?
If an issue in a non-emergency you can click on the "leave a message" LIVECHAT on the bottom right of your screen. If a LIVECHAT attendant is not available you can create a ticket. Tickets are immediately sent to the correct individual and in most cases you will receive an answer the next business day.

The BTMA serving the Bethlehem Township Community

For more information regarding the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association a full length video is available HERE

For more information regarding the PMAA or the BTMA, or should you be interested in being part of the authority board, please contact Steve Hunsberger at shunsberger@bethlehemtownship.org

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