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Property Maintenance

Bethlehem Township §101. Registration, Sale, Transfer and Rental of Real Estate
Ordinance 6-78, 11/13/1978

It shall be the duty of every seller, lessor or his agent to obtain within forty-eight (48) hours of offering for sale/rent or listing for sale/rent a documented report prepared by the Building Inspector's Office concerning uncorrected violations of housing, building, safety or fire ordinances.

Said report shall contain a statement concerning zoning classification and legality of the present use of same property.

Said report shall be made known to the purchaser and attached as an addendum to any offer to purchase or Agreement of Sale.

However, in addition thereto, the seller shall likewise deliver to the purchaser any notice of assessment for public improvements. Nothing in this §101 shall be construed as relieving a purchaser from the obligation of obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy at a cost to be established by resolution.

§102. Penalties
Ordinance 6-78, 11/13/1978, §3; as amended by Ord. 8-88, 8/15/1988

Any person violating any provisions of this Part 1 shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than three hundred dollars ($300.00), together with costs of prosecution, and in default of payment thereof, shall be liable to imprisonment for a period not exceeding ninety (90) days.

Property Maintenance FAQs

Why can't I call in a complaint?
The complaint must be written and have the name and address of the complainant and the address of the property in violation. Because if the violation goes to district magistrate the judge wants to see that the complaint originated with a resident in the Township and not the Code Enforcement Officer.

Bethlehem Township is now accepting complaints online at this link.

Is there an ordinance concerning how high grass can grow before it's a violation?
Yes, the Townships ordinance is eight inches. Therefore yards shall be maintained and grass shall be cut on a regular basis.

Is there an ordinance concerning garbage and rubbish removal?
Yes, residents can NOT acquire an accumulation of rubbish or garbage on or in there properties. This accumulation is unsightly and can present a hazard should an emergency response be necessary for the occupants. Rubbish and garbage shall be removed on a regular basis.

Is there an ordinance concerning the care of swimming pools?
Yes. The ordinance states that swimming pools shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

Is there an ordinance concerning unlicensed, unregistered vehicles?
Bethlehem Township allows for no more than one unlicensed, unregistered vehicle in certain areas of the Township and that vehicle must meet certain criteria.

Is there an ordinance concerning rodents or infestation?
Yes, all structures and exterior properties shall be kept from a rodent harborage or insect infestation or a circumstance that may cause one.

Why must I have an inspection before selling or leasing my property?
Bethlehem Township wants to be sure that our residents are safe and that our homes are livable. Safe meaning they meet the current International Property Maintenance and Fire and Life Safety codes, etc. Livable meaning they must have running water. A heat source capable of maintaining a room temperature of 68 degrees in all habitable rooms, bathrooms and toilet rooms based on the winter outdoor temperature, etc.

To register a foreclosure property, a vacant property (no foreclosure action), or to file a citizen complaint regarding a property issue, please visit

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