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Police - Crime Mapping

The Bethlehem Township Police Department announces a partnership with crimemapping.com

We have launched crimemapping.com to the public in an effort to better connect with you. You will be able to view the type of offense, date, time, and location (to a 100 block). It will be access to real-time crime data for where you live or work in the Township.

You can even subscribe to alerts based upon a circumference around an important place (ie-home, child's school, work place), to be notified of the crime.

Crime Mapping

Navigate to: www.crimemapping.com/map/pa/bethlehemtownship

We note that only crimes reported to us are for display on the site. Incidents and accidents are not. The fifteen crime types displayed are those most often requested by the public and include such reported incidents as robbery, assault, burglary and theft.

You can turn crime types on and off depending on what you are interested in learning about and activity can also be queried by date as there is a rolling six months days of information available at CrimeMapping.com. Simple reports and charts which help depict current trends can be instantly accessed based on a buffer distance or the visible map area.

Certain crimes, ie- Cruelty to Animals, are not able to be reported to the site. You’ll also note that "disturbing the peace" has many types of offenses related to it. Click around!

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