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Aquatic Lessons

BTCC Water Babies
6 months - 3 years old
Water Babies introduces basic skills to parents and children through songs, games and activities. Parents are taught to safely work with their child in the water, including how to appropriately support and hold their child in the water and how to prepare and encourage their child to participate fully and try the skills. Children are introduced to basic skills that lay a foundation to help them learn to swim. A parent/guardian is required to accompany each child in the water and participate in the classes.

Starfish (Pre-Beginner I)
3 - 4 years old
A first time group experience without parents. Work toward independent performance of the basic skills including body positions, blowing bubbles, floating, kicking, jumping, and basic water safety. At this first level, children start developing good attitudes and safe practices around the water.

Hermit Crabs (Pre-Beginner II)
3 - 4 years old
Continue to reinforce basic skills taught in Starfish and increase comfort level. Children continue to explore using simultaneous and alternating arm and leg actions on the front and back to gain more proficiency for future strokes. Children should be able to put face in water comfortably for at least 3 seconds and be able to perform assisted front and back floats for 3-5 seconds.

Tadpoles (Pre-beginner III)
3 - 4 years old
This course builds on the skills learned in the previous levels. Tadpole provides additional practice of basic aquatic skills at a slightly more proficient performance level, such as performing skills for greater distances and times. Skills in this level are performed independently with little assistance.

Five Year Olds & Up
Sea Turtles (Level I)
Introduction to Water Skills
In this introductory class, students will learn basic personal water safety information and skills to help participants feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely. Front and back stroke techniques are introduced, with the main focus on getting the child more comfortable with the water. Participants start developing positive attitudes, good swimming habits and safe practices in and around the water.

Manta Rays (Level II)
Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Students will work toward independent performance of the basic skills: bobs, floats without support and recovering to a vertical position, glides, simultaneous and alternating arm and leg actions on the front and back, which lay the foundation for future strokes. Prerequisites: Students must be comfortable in the water, be able to put face in water for at least 3 seconds, and be able to perform an assisted back float for 3-5 seconds.

Swordfish (Level III)
Stroke Development
Continue to build on previously learned skills by providing additional guided practice. Participants are taught to survival float, swim the front crawl, back stroke and elementary backstroke. At this level participants will also be introduced to the scissor and dolphin kicks, and will build on the fundamentals important to treading water. As in all levels, additional safety skills and messages are taught. Prerequisites: Must be able to swim independently on back and front for 5 yards, must be comfortable in deeper water.

Seal (Level IV)
Stroke Improvement
Continue to develop participants’ confidence in the strokes learned thus far and to improve in other aquatic skills. In the Seals level, participants improve their skills and increase their endurance by swimming familiar strokes for greater distances. Participants add the arms to the scissor kick for the side stroke and the basics of turning at a wall. Prerequisites: Must be able to swim front crawl and elementary backstroke for 15 yards and successfully tread water for 30 seconds.

Orcas (Level V)
Stroke Refinement
Refinement in performance of all strokes (front crawl, back crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke and sidestroke) and an increase in participants’ endurance. Flip turns on the front and back are also introduced. Prerequisites: Must be able to swim 25 yards of front crawl and elementary backstroke, and must be able to swim 15 yards of breaststroke and back crawl.

Private Lessons
Ages 3 Years and Up
Private Lessons will be available for participants of all ages. Private Lessons will be one-on-one with an experienced swim instructor. Each session meets for six-thirty minute classes once a week. Aquatics Management will put together a list of all available times and days we haev for private lessons each session. Patrons will select the day and time from the list of available private lessons and select which day and time matches their schedule. Please call the Aquatics Office at 610-332-1842 to inquire about private swim lessons.

Dates, Times, and Prices of all Aquatics Programs can be found in our online brochure.
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