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Finance - FAQs

When do I need a moving permit from Bethlehem Township?

Any resident moving out of the Township, or from one Township address to another, should obtain a Moving Permit. The costs is $4.00, and the form can be obtained at our Finance Office, or downloaded from our site and mailed to our office along with the fee.

Obtaining a moving permit allows the Township to properly maintain its records, which means you'll get your tax and sewer bills on time and at the proper address, and you won't receive Township bills if you are no longer a resident.

How do I remove myself from the Bethlehem Township Tax Rolls?

If you are moving out of the Township, you must obtain the Moving Permit as outlined above.

How do I pay a real estate tax bill, sewer bill or stormwater fee?

Please see our Payments Section for payment options and details.

When will I receive my Real Estate tax bills?

Tax bills are mailed to property owners on or about February 1st of each year.

The tax payment periods are:

  • Discount - February 1st through March 31st (2% discount is deducted)
  • Base - April 1st through May 31st
  • Penalty - any bills paid after May 31st will have a 10% penalty attached.

Can you tell me more about Certification Request?

When a property is being sold, the settlement agent should request a certification from the Township. This will insure that the seller and buyer each pay their proportionate share of any outstanding property bills (taxes or sewer), and that the property owner's name will be changed in our records.

Certification requests are $20.00 per parcel; the request can be made in any format, but must include the following: Property owner(s) name, the property address, Map/Block/Lot parcel numbers for the property, settlement date, and the agent.

No figures will be provided until full payment has been received by our office, and request should be made well before the property settlement date to insure adequate processing time.

Can you tell me more about your Tenant List Form?

All property owners who rent any portion of their building to one or more tenants must provide the Township with a list of those tenants every year, and a corrected list whenever tenants move in or out. Please contact the Finance Office to obtain the Tenant List Form to be completed, or download this form from our site.

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