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Finance Bethlehem Township Taxes
if you do not receive your tax bill, or if you receive tax bills other than your own, please contact our office immediately to resolve the problem.

Please note:
Failure to receive your Tax Bill does not relieve you of the responsibility to pay Taxes.

You will also receive tax bills from Northampton County and the Bethlehem Area School District. Any questions regarding those bills must be directed to those offices; our office only has information about Bethlehem Township bills.

To insure uniformity, all payments must be accompanied by a tax bill in the standard format. If a payment is received without the tax bill form which was mailed to you, we will need to prepare a duplicate bill and you will be charged a $5.00 duplicate bill fee.

Real Estate Taxes
We will only mail bills to the homeowner. If your mortgage company pays your tax bill, it is your responsibility to forward your bill to your mortgage company so they can pay that bill.

In addition, if your mortgage company does not receive your bill and submits a payment without your bill form, we will charge you the $5.00 duplicate bill fee.

If payment of a real estate tax bill is not received by December 31 of the tax year, that bill will be sent to Northampton County for delinquent tax collection.

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