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Planning Bethlehem Township has adopted ordinances – like the Zoning and Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances – to protect and promote the safety, health and welfare of the community. These ordinances attempt to accomplish coordinated development and growth; guide and protect amenity, convenience, economic, and social facilities; as well as the improvement of governmental processes and functions. They're also tools to guide uses of land and structures, and to promote the preservation of the community's natural and historic resources.

In conjunction with adopted ordinances, the Township's Comprehensive Plan is administered by the Community Development Department. The 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update serves to protect and enhance quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors over a 10-year period by planning for transportation, stormwater, land use, development, parks/recreation/open space, natural resource protection and streetscape enhancement.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission generally meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 7:00. Planning Commission members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners to a four year term that expires on December 31 of the designated year.

Planning Commissioner Members
Leslie Walker (Chairperson) - 2024
James Daley (Vice Chairperson) - 2023
Anna Thomas - 2026
David Wong - 2026
Barry Roth - 2024
Harold Levy - 2025
Peter H. Chase - 2025

The Elected Officials' Planning Duties / Responsibilities

  • Create the Planning Commission
  • Appoint PC members
  • Specify PC duties
  • Budget for planning and zoning
  • Adopt/Amend comp plan
  • Adopt/Amend land use ordinances
    Zoning, SALDO, Stormwater Management
  • Appoint Zoning Officer
  • Create Zoning Hearing Board
  • Appoint ZHB members
  • Approve SALDO applications
    (may designate to PC)
  • Grant "Conditional Use" applications
  • "Curative Amendment" zoning requests

Subdivision and Land Development

Approved Subdivision and Land Development Plans
To search approved Subdivision and Land Development Plans, please make note of the username and password and click HERE.
Username: public
Password: BTPublic123!

Officials' Roles in Project Review

Planning Commission
  • "Administers" the process
  • Maintains clock
  • Reviews plans (may approve if delegated)
  • Sends plans for outside review
Governing Body
  • Approves/Denies plans and modifications
  • Approves (& releases) financial guarantees
  • Accepts dedication of facilities
  • Reviews engineering components of plans: streets, stormwater management, etc.
  • Inspects construction of facilities
Zoning Officer
  • Reviews use, calculates number of lots, density of development, lot sizes
  • Advises if other approvals are needed
  • Prepares financial agreements and other legal documents

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