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Property Maintenance & Code Enforcement

Community Development The Code Enforcement staff is responsible for enforcing the codes and ordinances adopted by the Township and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These codes and ordinances are designed to help ensure the safety, welfare, quality of life and promote the general harmony of the community. These laws do not cover every type of disturbance or nuisance possible.

The majority of code enforcement actions are in response to concerns raised by residents and property owners. These concerns include, but are not limited to, high grass and weeds, inoperative vehicles, maintenance of structures, unsafe conditions and public nuisances.

Please feel free to contact the Code Enforcement Officer with your code enforcement questions or fill out a Complaint Form located under the Forms & Documents. Fill out the form with as much detailed information as possible and submit it back to the Township to begin the investigation process. Due to the legal nature of this process, anonymous complaints are not accepted.

Rental & Re-Sale Inspections
The Code Enforcement Officer also performs required residential inspections anytime there is a change of tenant for rental properties and for the resale of residential property. This application can be found under Forms & Documents.

The Code Enforcement Officer's telephone number is (610) 814-6467.

Vacant Property
Bethlehem Township desires to protect the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens through the maintenance of structures and properties in the community.  Properties that are neglected and unsecured have a negative impact on the community and create conditions that invite criminal activity. Oftentimes, foreclosure parties or property owners are out of state which makes it difficult to notice the proper party of violations and maintain the adequate level of maintenance and security on such structures or lots. To minimize these negative impacts, Bethlehem Township has established a property registration process that will identify a contact person to address violations for vacant properties and for properties in the foreclosure process.

To register a foreclosure property, a vacant property (no foreclosure action), or to file a citizen complaint regarding a property issue, please visit ProChamps.

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