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Community Development The Zoning Ordinance guides use of property, development and redevelopment to best protect the nature of our neighborhoods and afford opportunities for businesses to thrive. Zoning regulations are meant to allow reasonable use of land while not causing a detriment to surrounding neighbors, based on the suitability of various parts of the Township for particular uses and structures. This is done through standards that regulate the use of land, the location, use and density of buildings, and provide for the administration and enforcement of the Ordinance.

Properties within the Township are classified into zoning districts. Within each district, land uses are separated into classifications – permitted by-right, special exception or conditional use. In some cases, specific standards must be met for certain land uses. If a land use doesn't fall into one of these categories then it's not permissible in that district.

  • Permitted by-right – can be approved by the Zoning Officer if all conditions are met.
  • Special exception – application for approval must be made to the Zoning Hearing Board.
  • Conditional use – application for approval and a public hearing must be held before the Board of Supervisors.

Basic Zoning Terms
Permitted Use
Use is allowed in a zoning district as "use by right". Zoning Officer grants or denies permit based on compliance with standards.
Special Exception/Conditional Use
Use may be permitted in a zoning district but must have a public hearing before granting or denying. ZHB (special exception) or Governing Body (conditional use) decides.
Prohibited Use
Use is specifically not allowed in a zoning district.
Modification of zoning standards to relieve "unnecessary hardship" on the property. ZHB grants or denies.
Nonconforming (Use/Structure/Lot)
Use predates zoning ordinance. Zoning standards aren't met but use has a right to stay. Can be regulated. Commonly referred to as "grandfathered".

Zoning Administration Team

Zoning Administration Team

Zoning Hearing Board

The Zoning Hearing Board members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners. Each member has a five year term expiring December 31st of the designated year.

Zoning Hearing Board Members
Paul Weiss (Chairperson) – 2025
Rodman J. Law (Vice Chairperson) – 2026
Vacant – 2023
Richard Pelizzoni – 2024
Zachary R. Chromiak – 2027

Zoning Agenda
View our current Zoning Hearing Board Agenda.

Property Boundary and Survey Information

Information about property – such as parcel number, lot dimensions, zoning and more – is available through the Township's Interactive Mapping System.

Additional property information – such as tax values, sales data, ownership records and more – is available through Northampton County. The County's public records website, www.ncpub.org, is a great resource for this information. An important note – the 'land use code' in these records is for tax purposes and is not the Township's zoning of property.

Please contact the Northampton County Recorder of Deeds for property boundary and survey information.

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